DriveSentry 3.1

Prevent malware attacks on your computer


  • No annoying pop-up messages
  • Apply access permissions at Registry level
  • Quick-access Tray icon


  • Doesn't provide complete PC protection

Very good

We're always being bombarded by warnings about the dangers of malware and although the level of threat is probably not as high as the antivirus companies make out, it's still essential to take precautions.

Although it's far from a complete antivirus tool, DriveSentry does a very thorough job of preventing certain applications trying to access the Internet without your knowledge.

A good thing about this program is like, unlike many of its rivals, it doesn't bombard you with pop-up messages warning you whenever a program is trying to access the Net.

Instead, you have an easy-to-manage list of programs that are automatically granted permissions, which you can quickly add to at any time.

What's more, permissions can also be applied on a Registry level, meaning you can give writing access to certain common processes.

With an instant access System Tray icon thrown in for good measure, this is a great no-frills firewall app for those who want their system protection to be done in the background.

DriveSentry complements your existing antivirus tool by detecting threats to your system using a patent-pending technology. DriveSentry is an intelligent firewall for your drives that works by allowing only applications that you authorize to write to your files.

An example is that you can grant access to Microsoft Word to write to a document, but a virus attempting to do the same would trigger a warning.



DriveSentry 3.1

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